The Team

Head office

Sylvain Labbé

Chief Executive Officer
Tel. 418-650-6385
Ext. 305
Cell. 418-563-3601

Sven Gustavsson

Manager, Softwood and Value-Added Softwood Lumber
Tel. 418-650-6385
Ext. 303
Cell. 581-308-8036

Alain Boulet

Manager, Wood Construction
Tel. 418-650-6385
Ext. 304
Cell. 418-951-7996

Frédéric Jacques

Manager, Hardwood and Flooring
Tel. 418-650-6385
Ext. 302

André Bédard

Manager, Wood Pellets
Tel. 418-650-6385
Ext. 328
Cell. 514-774-7070

Nathalie Houde

Events Project Lead
Tel. 418-650-6385
Ext. 312

Andrée Dufour

Tel. 418-650-6385
Ext. 307

Alex Fortin

Communications Advisor
Tel. 418-650-6385
Ext. 308
Cell. 418-290-8993

Martine Leduc

Assistant, Hardwood, Flooring and Accounting
Tel. 418-650-6385
Ext. 314

Elizabeth Sorba

Assistant, General Management, Softwood and Wood Construction
Tel. (418) 650-6385
Ext. 304

International offices

United Kingdom

Mark Wilkinson

Canada Wood UK
Scots House, 15 Scots Lane,
Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 3TR
Tel. 44 (0)7920 683769

Ryoichi Takahashi

Shiroyama JT Trust Tower
32nd Floor, 4-3-1, Toranomon
Minato-Ku, Tokyo, 105-6032
Tel. 81 (3) 5733-4001
United States

Eli Gould

Brattleboro, Vermont, États-Unis
Tel. 802-258-0800
The QWEB also has expert consultants in Mexico, South Korea, and China.

Please contact us if you have questions about these markets.