Heat-Treated Firewood Program (HTFWP)

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Firewood is one of the most common ways that insect pests and tree diseases spread to new areas. To help protect against this risk, the HTFWP program certifies that heat-treated firewood is pest-free. This program meets the phytosanitary rules recognized by plant protection organizations in Canada and USA.

It is up to everyone, large and small producers, vendors, parks and campgrounds, and consumers to ensure that best management practices for firewood are implemented.

For many years, experts, working groups, public phytosanitary agencies, and the forest industry around the world have reached a consensus that heat treatment of firewood is the best option to eliminate the risk of spreading forest pests.

C’est dans ce contexte que le QWEB a mis en place un programme volontaire de certification et de traitement à la chaleur de bois de chauffage.


Frequently asked questions

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Questions and Answers – Heat-Treated Firewood – (PDF)

Heat-Treated Firewood Program (HTFWP)

Always Burn Local or Heat-Treated (Kiln-Dried) Firewood


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See also: https://inspection.canada.ca/firewood