Heat-Treated Firewood Program (HTFWP)

Certification Program

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Information for firewood producers

The HTFWP certification program is voluntary for firewood producers. If you choose to become a certified producer, you must complete an application form and have your facilities and production processes approved and inspected by the QWEB.

​Certification Application (PDF)

​Grille de tarification (PDF)

​All Heat-Treated firewood sold in Canada or exported to the USA under this program must be labeled with the HT QWEB certified label. Before moving certified heat-treated firewood, you must consult the QWEB and the plant health authorities of the country to comply with any requirements.

​Learn more about rules for moving firewood :


  • AttentionBe aware of movement restrictions.
    • Moving firewood from places where regulated pests have been found can be a violation of the Plant Protection Act, with penalties of up to $50,000 and/or prosecution. Be aware of movement restrictions that may be in place before you move wood or wood products.
    • For more information about these restrictions, contact your local Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) office or visit http://www.inspection.gc.ca/pests

QWEB HT Mark Certification

Information for firewood producers

Main points of the HTFWP:

  • The participant should develop a quality manual according to the HTFWP guidelines which will be provided during the application. This manual describes the control methods and procedures put in place by the establishment for the production and heat treatment of firewood.
  • The certification number and the HT mark are assigned by the QWEB.​
  • The HTFWP meets the requirements of Canadian regulations for the heat-treatment of firewood, as well as the criteria for exporting to the United States.
  • Information regarding the quality control and production of HT firewood is subject to verification at all times by QWEB. ​
  • Discovery of non-compliance may result in the suspension of program participation, withdrawal of certification for a produced lot, and cessation of HT firewood production until QWEB determines that the non-compliance has been corrected in a satisfyingly.
Certified heat-treated firewood producers



Phone and Email​


Certified HT Number​

Bois Franc Sec Inc.​

200 Chemin des industries, Lavaltrie ​




Bois de foyer Chaudière- Appalaches​

255, rue industrielle,​ Saint-Pamphile​



HT-FW-CA 002​

Forrestco Inc

150 route Maritime, Forestville



HT-FW-CA 004