The Quebec government has granted $ 6,847,000 in financial assistance to Barrette-Chapais for the construction of two dry material storage domes and a conveyor at the Grande Anse marine terminal at the Port of Saguenay. The project, whose total cost is estimated at $ 17 million, will create nearly 25 jobs. The project to build two storage domes and a conveyor is an essential link in the logistics of transporting wood pellets. Its completion will enable Barrette-Chapais to export its wood pellets to Europe, and other businesses in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region will be able to benefit from these new storage infrastructures. “With the completion of these new infrastructures at the Grande-Anse harbor, the wood pellets market now represents, I believe, a real additional opportunity for the traditional markets for sawn timber products as well as for the industry as a whole, in Quebec. Considered a replacement option for oil, gas or coal, this product is growing internationally. It is therefore very interesting for the environment and the future of Quebec’s forest industry, “said Benoît Barrette, president of Barrette-Chapais, at the time of the announcement on January 15. Barrette-Chapais is part of Barrette Group, a member of QWEB.

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