Grade stamp

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To understand our stamps
S-P-FSpruce-Pine-Fir : the classic combination of Quebec wood species
S-P-F-SSpruce-Pine-Fir harvested in the United States
MSRMachine Stress Rating (machine-graded lumber)
2100 Fb 1.8A particular category of machine-graded lumber–i.e., 2100 pounds of stress per sq. in.2 et 1,8 million de livres d’élasticité au po2
S-DRYSurfaced Dry (meaning lumber has been dried to a maximum of 19% moisture content)
S-GRNSurfaced Green (meaning lumber has more than 19% moisture content)
STUDIndicates a grade of lumber pieces permitting use in loadbearing interior walls
N. SPECIESAll approved species
CERT FGR JNTCertified Finger Joint
SPS-1Special Products Standard – Fingerjoined Structural Lumber
SPS-2Special Products Standard – Machine Graded Lumber
SPS-3Special Products Standard – End-Trimmed Lumber for Wall Pieces (studs)
SPS-4Special Products Standard – Fingerjoined – Flange Stock Lumber
SPS-5Special Products Standard – Face-Glued Lumber – Vertical use only
SPS-6Special Products Standards (normes de produits spéciaux) – bois collé sur face
HRASpecial Products Standard – Face-Glued Lumber
NON-HRANON-Heat Resistant Adhesive – An adhesive that has not been evaluated to the elevated temperature performance of SPS