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Wall Panels


Prefabricated wall panels are increasingly in demand by builders. They are custom made according to your request and may be insulated or not. They will be delivered to your site ready to be installed along with the installation plans.

They represent solutions greatly sought out by manufacturers wishing the work on the site to be fast and well done.

With the advent of new energy efficiency standard and the ever increasing costs related to the heating and cooling of buildings, it is important to plan for energy efficient walls at the time of conception. Prefabricated wall panels are manufactured using a variety of possible compositions with first class quality kiln dry lumber, giving you superior energy efficiency performance.

The high cost of labor on construction sites and the variable climate also favor the selection of prefabricated walls, since they are manufactured in factories sheltered from bad weather, by experienced and qualified workers, with specialized equipment,allowing you to make significant savings on labor,while meeting your deadlines.

Under strict and continuous quality control the quality workmanship and insulation of prefabricated wall panels give optimum energy efficiency to your construction. Prefabricated wall panels provide quick assembly of the building making the structure weathertight more quickly and protecting it from bad weather. Prefabricated walls help to control costs and reduce the loss or theft of materials on site.

Prefabricated insulated walls are ready for the exterior siding (plank, brick, acrylic coating, etc.) and to receive the interior finishing (gypsum board, wood, etc.). The walls are delivered according to your schedule and qualified assembly workers may be provided to assist you with the installation of your walls on site.