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Why Choose Wood Floors?

Wood flooring is one of the most preferred types of flooring because of its exceptional durability. Although it inherently has a long life span, this flooring type needs proper installation and maintenance to stay in good condition and deliver maximum value for the...

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BIM: Offsite Wood Construction at Your Fingertips With QWEB

Offsite Wood software in Revit. Image Via QWEB Quebec Wood Export Bureau is adding another tool to your arsenal: a free BIM plugin on Revit. With the help of its wood-producing members, the nonprofit group has stepped into the free software world to put a growing...

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Spotlight on Tamarack

Quebec Wood Export Bureau members are softwood specialists in North America. They work with multiple species and have developed unique expertise in cutting and transforming softwoods.Tamarack is a softwood species that has proven its versatility over the years. Not...

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How Sustainable Hardwood Flooring can Boost your Home Value

The beauty of hardwood flooring isn’t just an investment that lasts; it’s also the most sustainable option for your home. We’re spending more and more time at home – that’s not news. But what you may not know is the impact of flooring on your family’s well-being and...

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Quebec, Canada: the Heart of Mass Timber Construction

Microbrewery de la Côte-du-Sud; Montmagny, Quebec Modern timber construction is nothing short of breathtaking. The wooden arches and unique curves delight even the most creative architects. The scale and perception of a wooden building make it blend in with the decor...

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Spotlight on Eastern Hemlock

 First in a series of short articles highlighting the multiple usages of an Eastern Canadian softwood species. Quebec Wood Export Bureau members are softwood specialists in North America. They work with multiple species and they have developed unique expertise in...

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Architectural Woodworking & Component Systems Brochure

Architectural woodwork is everywhere in your building and our members create the best ones in the world. But what does architectural woodwork mean? It refers to any custom-made wood inside a building either residential or commercial, when the build is finished like...

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Housings Solutions After Conflicts and Disasters 2020

You can now get the PDF document of the new Housings Solutions After Conflicts and Disasters 2020 of the QWEB and its members. To get it, just click on the link below. If you need more information about the housings solutions, please write to us at...

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