Can-Am Logs & Lumber - Quebec Wood Export Bureau
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Can-Am Logs & Lumber

Can-Am Logs & Lumber

1425, route 139
Wickham (Québec) CANADA J0C 1C0
Tel. : 819 398-1159
Fax : 819 398-7712

Jean-Pierre Lavoie, President, 819 479-9247

Sabrina Lavoie, Vice-President
, 450 656-7466

Note :


Wood lamellas for flooring in white oak and walnut, thickness: 2.5 to 6mm width: 100 mm to 200 mm;c ut-to-size for tonewood, flooring and for dimension lumber (green) by refer or kiln dry; logs: walnut, maple, cherry, yellow birch, curly and bird’s eye maple, oak; walnut and other hardwoods with live edge for table tops; tonewood; bird’s eye and curly maple for musical instruments and furniture Buchandel (Candlelog)

Available species

Red Oak
Sugar (or Hard) Maple
Yellow Birch
Soft Maple
White Oak


Hardwood Lumber