Real wood, the first choice material for all renovation projects

Opting for a hardwood floor instead of vinyl tiles is not only about enjoying increased durability and benefiting from a better long-term investment.

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How real wood floor is better than a plastic one


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no matter your lifestyle.  

Hardwood floors are the most versatile flooring of all coverings. In fact, if the finish initially chosen no longer follows current trends, sanding allows you to apply a new, more up-to-date finish. The costs related to this rejuvenation work represent a fraction of the purchase price and are also less expensive than a new LVT floor.

As far as LVTs are concerned, we are not talking about any versatility here. The image and colour originally chosen can only be replaced if the covering is removed and replaced entirely.


Protect your environment,
Choose 100% Hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring is one of the best options to consider for the environment. Harvesting and processing leading to the final product emits less carbon than what the tree has harvested during its lifetime. Hardwood flooring is also much more durable and therefore does not clog up landfills.

Wood is a renewable resource unlike plastic, which comes from fossil fuels. A plastic water bottle takes about 450 years to decompose in a landfill. Considering an area of 1000 square feet, the LVT floor represents approximately 27,000 bottles of water. Choosing an LVT floor comes with a huge environmental impact.

Health impact

Don't Bring Hazardous Materials in Your Home

Wood is a material that comes from nature without transformation, which gives it an interesting appeal if you consider installing it in your home. Several studies have proven that exposing wood to humans is a good thing, they have shown that wood is an ally against problems related to sleep, brain activity and the nervous system such as anxiety, stress, depression, etc. Now that teleworking is commonplace, these benefits are not to be neglected.

A large part of the LVT is designed in China where working conditions are not standardized as in North America. They manufacture in factories that exposes workers to toxic emissions. Moreover, during installation, the dust emitted during the cutting of the tiles certainly does not have a positive impact on humans.

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Material Quality

You remove plastic from your everyday lives, Why bring it into your home?

Hardwood floors have only one ingredient, wood.

LVT is actually vinyl. Vinyl is a chemical radical used in plastics. A photo of the wood glued to the top of the flooring is then affixed to give it the desired appearance.

Long Term Investment

Have a clear conscience

A hardwood floor is more expensive up front, but it is advantageous in the long term. In fact, sanding and applying a finish will give your floor a new life for a fraction of the price. LVT floors are cheaper initially, but require a complete replacement after a few years. No treatment is possible and a complete renewal is required.


Near Lifetime Guaranteed

In terms of warranties, wood floors are second to none. Of course, it all depends on the brand and the manufacturer you choose for your purchase, but the average is around 35 years.

Once again, like wood flooring, the warranties for LVT flooring depend on the manufacturer and grade, but the average is around 10 years.

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Boa-Franc senc. / Mirage

1255, 98e Rue
Saint-Georges-de-Beauce (Québec) G5Y 8J5

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Bois BSL Inc.

1081, rue Industrielle, C.P. 4
Mont-Joli (Quebec ) G5H 3K8

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Lauzon Distinctive Hardwood Flooring

2101, côte des Cascades
Papineauville (Québec) J0V 1R0

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Les Bois de Parquets Vaucluse Inc.

2212, boul. l´Ange-Gardien Nord
L'Assomption (Québec) J5W 4R5

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Mercier Wood Flooring Inc.

330, rue des Entrepreneurs
Montmagny (Québec) G5V 4T1

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Parquets Alexandra Inc.

945, rue Jean-Marchand
Lévis (Québec) G6Y 9G

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PG Hardwood Flooring Inc.

2424, rue Principale
Saint-Édouard-de-Lotbinière (Québec) G0S 1Y0

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Preverco Inc.

285, de Rotterdam
Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures (Québec) G3A 2E5

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1135, rue Jérémie-Fortin
Québec (Québec) G1J 1R8

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1031, 7e Rang
Wickham (Québec) J0C 1S0

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Hardwood vs LVT

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Wood’s worst enemy, but not a great ally of LVT either.

During production, wood floors are dried, reducing the possibility of variations in size across the various seasons and temperature changes in your home. Massif hardwood floors are perfectly made for ground level and above. For the basement, engineering wood floors is a smarter choice to consider. They are made up of a few layers of plywood laid perpendicularly to increase stability against humidity.

On the other hand, LVT floors are more resistant to humidity. Many will go as far as saying that LVT floors are 100% waterproof. Yes, the material itself is plastic and humidity does not infiltrate the plastic panel, but water can very easily penetrate between the plastic panels, and below the vinyl floors. In this case, the wet subfloor needs to be removed. Even if the LVT floors are installed directly on concrete, everything needs to be removed to allow it to dry.

LVT floors are fragile to manipulate after installation, and once removed, they often break and require completely new floor coverings.